Welcome to the Adrenaline Age

I’m an adrenaline junkie. To a point. Getting lost on a jungle mountain at night is and isn’t my favorite activity. Those neighborhoods where you’re not supposed to go may be my specialty, but I’ll wear a bullet-proof vest. Gotta say, though, riding a motorcycle in a tropical storm so strong it ripped down trees? Still one of the top ten experiences of my life. Earthquakes, and waterfalls that rumble your gut and soak you just in their mist, fascinate and terrify me, and I like that feeling. This is a story about bottling that feeling, pouring it out on a peetree dish, and poking it a lot.


Welcome to the Adrenaline Age, coming soon from The Overcast, follows (or stalks) two young scientists out to solve the problems of aging by throwing bears into volcanoes. Bromance, volcanoes, bears, and actual, real scientific studies. What more do you want? WHAT? CLICK ALREADY!!!

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