Tribute Tees


My grandfather, now in his 90s, will often tell me about the time he saw me in the theatre with my class group. He had his suspicions that our public school class would be up to no good, leading me off the straight and narrow. On my part, I was dealing with a lot of bullying at the time. The kind of person I was wasn’t really allowed in that part of the country.

But then, from across the theatre, my grandfather saw my t-shirt, and smiled. It stood up for who I was. And he knew right then that I would be alright.

The images and messages we wear can have no impact, or great impact on the people around us.

Welcome to Tribute Tees, where your body becomes a billboard for hope.

You can purchase a Tribute Tee at Redbubble, Teepublic, and Threadless; we are currently consolidating designs, but at the moment there are different designs available at each store, so check them all out! Teespring with Youtube Integration, as well as Cafepress, coming soon. Come back to this page in a couple months for explanations of each wonderful design!