Superfan Affiliate Program

Hello there! If you love my books, you are welcome to make money from my sales! I appreciate you so much, so I offer up to 50 percent commission on sales of my products.

There are a few rules about this.

  1. Joining my promotion team means you should no longer post reviews on Amazon of the products that get you money–so leave your reviews before you join the program!
  2. Once you’re in, you also do have to disclose that you get a cut when you share my products. Just say, “I liked this book so much I joined the author’s promotion team to get paid for sharing the awesomeness. If you like me, you can help me and the author by checking these out!”

Otherwise, there are no secrets. Just pay-out, plain and simple. To join my promotion team:

  1. Sign up for a Gumroad account at
  2. Send an e-mail to jen at becominghero dot ninja from the e-mail you used there
  3. I will add your e-mail to my special affiliate team, and then send you your personalized tracking links! Now you’re in!

To start earning money:

  1. As soon as you’re in, Gumroad will e-mail you personalized links for individual products, and for my entire profile page.
  2. Look over the products at these links. You’ll notice it’s smarter to sell each product individually rather than linking to my profile page. The highest commission product is the audiobook, which sells for $20 and nets you $10 per sale.
  3. Give out your personalized tracking links to your friends and family. Tell them, either through e-mail, text, or in person, why you like these books.
  4. Share your personalized links in groups on Facebook.
  5. Share your personalized links on Twitter with hashtags like #bookworm and #amreading. #Iartg gets a lot of retweets.
  6. Post pictures of yourself on Instagram with the books, or with print-outs of the books’ covers, if they are e-books, or listening to the audiobook. Add the link to your post, and use hashtags like #comics #amreadingcomics #bookworm #bibliophile #reader #readerlife #bynr #superheroes #superherolife #comicbooknerd #comicgeek #scifi #scifireader #comicbookart
  7. Post free comics to your Instagram and Pinterest from and in the description, mention that the comics lead up to the book you are selling.
  8. Post your link, and why you like that book, to Reddit. Also share free comics there under the Indie Comics subreddit.
  9. Write your link on your school blackboards, or talk about affiliate marketing and your affiliate plan with me in your business class.
  10. The highest income, but maybe most work, comes from building an e-mail gathering page where you offer one of the free stories I’ve sent you by e-mail for free (I am okay with this as long as you let me know). Kind of like this. It’s easy to build a page like that through Mailchimp. Promote your e-mail gathering page in all of the above places, and through Facebook ads or wherever you like, offering a free giveaway story. Once you’ve collected e-mails through your special page, e-mail your new list to share some of my other free stories (again, just let me know which ones you are sharing), and the free comics. At the end of each e-mail, tell the readers that if they liked that story, they will probably like other stories by me, and describe the book you are trying to sell, and why you like it. Then include your special affiliate link to that book.
  11. Get together with other affiliates and offer a Rafflecopter giveaway, where you offer people a chance to win something they want (like a $25 Amazon gift card, or a watch, or something) in exchange for people sharing your affiliate links as a Tweet on Twitter, a post on Facebook, or something else like that. Promote your giveaway to all of the above places described, including your e-mail list, and ask your friends to share it, too. If you do this with other affiliates you have a greater chance of a wider spread, so let me know if you want to do a big event like this and I get other people to work with you.

If you’ve tried all of the above, and still have no money in your Gumroad account, contact me and we will brainstorm ways to make sales work for you.

Thank-you again for joining me in my fiction adventure through the rainy black forest! My we both find lucrative treasure along the path to the dragon’s keep.sinaasappel_by_beverage

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