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Hi! I’m Jen Finelli, and I’m a world-traveling, award-nominated author and screenwriter deeply in love. My science fiction funds real-life superhero activities through various charities and adventures in austere and under-privileged medicine. Because I’m a licensed physician, and doctors are weird, I try to write things that make people leak bodily fluids. Like tears of hope. Or “OMG-THAT-WAS-AWESOME-I-JUST-WET-MY-PANTS.” Or the inspired sweat of fighting for what matters.

Explosive things, kind superheroes, crude secret agents, sparkly fairies, biochemistry, guns, facts, and offensive gods show up in my pages, and sometimes that gets me published or gets me money or gets me in trouble. You can find my interactive resume below, but if you want to get to know me a little, or tell me about the things YOU like, you should follow me on twitter. You’ll get a free short story if you do. You should DEFINITELY get on my e-mail list for a weekly short story, starting with a chance to fight a mermaid. Sometimes I also share secret opportunities and codes I steal for you.

Let’s change the world together.


Interactive Resume And Writing Samples

Job Objective: To share the story that can save the world.

Award-nominated screenwriter and world-traveling science fiction writer with real-world experience as a doctor, autism therapist, reporter, ghost, and nunnery-escapist.

Selected Awards (byjenfinelli.com/media-appearances for complete listing)

Fiction Experience

Medical Credits

    • Strangulation Protocol in Sexual Assault Patients. Developed with 2ID Camp Humphreys SAMFE Coordinator; recommended to LTC Moore for 3BCT SOP, 2019.

    • Does curcumin reduce pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis? With Bybel, Michael. Published in Evidence-Based Practice, Volume 23, Number 3, FPIN HDA March 2020, Pg. 17-18

    • Twist Ending: Chronic Intermittent Volvulus After Gastric Bypass. With Meyers, Garrett, et al. Case report poster presented by team member at USAFP, 2019.

    • Molsoft CD-44 Simulation, UVA Biochem. Selected for publication with textbook: Biochemistry by Garrett and Grisham, 2010. More information here.

Paid Blogging Employment

2012-2013 returning contributor paid pro-rate to all of the above; follow links to view samples.

  • Scripted.com, Fall 2011-present

With Scripted worked as paid ghost-blogger for Scienceexchange.com, TripAdvisor.com, Elsevier, Comprehend Systems, ShopWell, WellAware, OnTargetJobs Health, Docstoc, GiftWhip, walkingtrips.com, Wellness Healing Mayan Medicine, medicationdiscountcard.com, FoxTranslate, and many, many others.

Ghostwritten, Published Books – client recommendations available

  • Full-length autobiography, 2013

  • 3 ‘Cliffnotes’-style e-books summarizing great literature, 2013

  • Health food research e-book, 2013

News Experience

Contributor/Freelancer, Jan. 2012-Oct. 2014, covering topics ranging from racial disparity investigative reporting to local “feel good” pieces about food and health.

Full-time G&P associate editor and HE investigative reporting intern. Covered legislation, corruption, healthcare, and foreign affairs. Increased G&P twitter following by nearly 50%

Original Academic Research

  • Chinese History Wedding Traditions, UVA East Asian History, Spring 2011

First research of its kind in this subject area. Available upon request.

  • Medieval History Marriage Traditions, UVA Medieval History, Fall 2010

Reviewed primary-source cases in medieval England to investigate reasons for marriages

  • Necrotizing Fasciitis Review, UVA Biomedical Engineering, Spring 2010

Co-Author, Synthesized up-to-date information on etiology, and cures for “flesh-eating bacteria”

Education and Closing Summary

  • Ponce School of Medicine Class of 2017; University of VA History BS, Biomedical Engineering Minor, with research experience in history and science; almost perfect score on MCAT Verbal (14/15) and score R on MCAT Written Sections

  • Languages: Spanish (fluent) with translation experience; German (comfortable); Japanese (minimal speaking); Danish (comprehension); French (reading)

  • Publication highlights: byjenfinelli.com
  • Film: mysweetaffair.com
  • Comic: http://becominghero.ninja
  • Awards: byjenfinelli.com/media-appearances/
  • Activism: becominghero.ninja/category/superhero-alerts-become-a-hero/
  • Fiction blog: http://petrepan.blogspot.com/
  • Samples of academic history and health writing: http://thehownotto.blogspot.com/search/label/academic

I am a kerfuffle, but my Father loves me anyway.