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Screencraft Spring Film Fund Quarterfinalist, 2021
Screencraft Animation Competition Semifinalist,
Cinematic Book Competition Semi-Finalist, 2018
Screencraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalist, 2017
I See You Awards Nominee, 2017
Screencraft Short Story Contest Quarter-Finalist, 2017
Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest Finalist, 2016
Austin Film Festival, Second Rounder: Top 15% of scripts, 2016
Writers of the Future Scifi Contest Honorable Mention, 2013, 2016

Media Mentions and Interviews: 

Interview with SciFi4MeTV:
what is TRANSFORMATIVE fiction, and why should it matter to YOU?

Interviewed by Rod Faulkner’s fabulous EyeOnScifi Podcast:
my pain, my story, why we need diverse voices to showcase the pain of the human condition

Publisher’s Weekly on NEODYMIUM SACRIFICE:
“this intricately-plotted outing ups the already sky-high stakes of Finelli’s turbulent space opera series.”

Barbra Dillon Interviews Jen Finelli on Fanbase Press:
the Secret Inspiration for Neodymium Exodus and Betrayal

John Scalzi’s THE BIG IDEA:
Dan Koboldt horrified by Dr. Jen Finelli’s PUTTING THE FACT IN FANTASY scientific revelation -_^

Authority Magazine: How to Write Compelling Scifi and Fantasy

American Library Association’s Booklist on NEODYMIUM EXODUS: “…an epic conflict over the very structure of society, and battles both stealthy and dramatic combine to make an entertaining, quick read set in a lightly sketched but intriguing world.”

Publisher’s Weekly on NEODYMIUM EXODUS: “Space opera fans should snap this up”

Discussing pain, philosophy, psychology, and fiction with James Riordan of Long Live Podcasts

Talking real life struggles and diversity with Alicia McCalla in superhero fiction

Scifi4Me Interview: How does medicine impact scifi?

Rave for my new film

Big Nerdy Questions Interview About Author-Slaying

WE BE GEEKS (one of my fav podcasts) Meta-Interviewing Interview

Zone 4 Comics Podcast (Just the funnest interview)

Fictigristle: James Beamon on my book Becoming Hero

IMDB Film Listing

Mentioned by Phillip Stevens As A Good Exception to Indie Author Blandness

Why We Wrote The Crossover Alliance Superhero Stories

Follow Magazine: “Don’t Be Greedy” Marketing Advice

FilmCarnage: How “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife!” Happened

Duhmericana: Feminism and Movies with Benzy, Wilx, and Samantha

Featured in the Wildsound Film Festival Old-fashioned Date Ideas We Should Bring Back

Medical News Today: Multiple Sclerosis

I was mentioned in Diabolical Plots’ “Best of Escapepod 2016”, too. Don’t forget to checkout Amazon reviews of my work, like of Pantheon Magazine and Becoming Hero!


Balticon, Baltimore, 2022

Armadillocon, Austin, 2021

Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival, 2018

Wizard World Austin, 2018

ArmadilloCon SFF Convention, 2018

Wizard World Austin 2017

The ARTS at Marks Garage, Oahu, Hawaii

Wizard World Austin 2016

Galaxy Comics, Ponce

Full media and press kit for download here. Want to book Jen for your group or con? Jen Finelli is a physician with PTSD who channels her chronic pain into helping others find purpose in their suffering and rest from their dragons. She’s available to speak on the science of relaxation and wellness to help your audience turn their suffering into heroism – or, as the traditionally-published author of dark, inventive science fiction positively reviewed by some of the most exclusive publications in the country, she talks about finding the evidence-based story and purpose in YOUR darkness.

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