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Current giveaways/sales alerts:

BIG DEAL THIS WEEK: Win a $25 gift card, $100 of mp3s, and become a character in my 4th NEODYMIUM CHRONICLES novel! Go here to find out how.

Christopher Schmidt’s second SFF Megagiveaway features tons of epic fantasy and lots of horror, too (like PRESUMED UNDEAD): Ends Dec 4!

You don’t want to miss the SFF ebooks celebration giveaway by C. Gockel (MECH, TAKE MY MONSTERS, SEEDS FROM THE STORY TREE, and many more!): Ends Dec 4!

Wonderful Winter Books – that is, if you like science fiction and fantasy! (Which you better, if you’re here on this page). A huge collection of books I found you that go on sale (or free) just the first two weeks of December. Ends Dec 15!

Here’s a BEAUTIFUL-looking collection of pure science fiction–mostly space opera or hard scifi. You know it’s good if it’s all shots of spaceships against intense planet backdrops. The EARTH’S FATE sale Ends Dec 15!

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