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Current giveaways/sales alerts:

You can get TWELVE fantasy and scifi novels (all freebies) in the new “Once Upon a Quest: A Fantasy and Scifi Giveaway with a Fairy Tale Twist.” I’m digging the cover art, and it looks like we’re getting a lot of female protags, so if that’s your jam, well, jam up. THIS ENDS TOMORROW, Sept 16th, on Rosh Hashanah, so you’ll want to download now.

14 straight-up scifi novels. Two humor. One short story anthology. No cost downloads. Plain and simple! I’m looking forward to downloading SPACE OPERATIC myself, and I dig the cover art for Chronicles of Rondure because I’m sentimental like that. = P Get ’em! Ends Sept. 19th.

Yo! C. Bourbon’s “End of Summer Sci Fi and Fantasy Roundup” has everything ranging from mage tournaments to space opera. I think it’s more than 20 books I’ve found to take you to freeeeebie town! Ends Sept. 20th.

From Nazi vampires to zombie turkeys, to space opera–I found you over 20 free downloads in this month’s Sci-Fi & Speculative Giveaway from Gomery Kimber. Go get em. Ends Sept. 25th.

I’ve also got you a ticket to Myths, Monsters, and Magic – over 20 fantasy books, with a splash of horror, SPY drama, fairy court intrigue, and of course, scifi from yours truly. Ends Oct. 1st.

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