Build A Jungle Clinic For Those Without Healthcare!

Part of any profit I make goes to the medical fund at Project Paraguay. You can help out if you like!

See, Project Paraguay’s teaming up with me to build a rural ambulatory medical clinic in South America! Paraguay is one of my earliest passions – I used to go every summer I could – and in rural Paraguay, I met too many people who couldn’t reach the doctor because of poor transportation.

I’d like to bring the doctor to them. You wanna help?

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Imagine listening to a heart murmur and knowing “this person needs a cardiologist” – but you can’t do anything about it. Imagine your friend going into labor, without transportation to get to the Ob.

This is what I graduated medical school for. This is why I did my internship in family medicine. This is the thing I almost lost my life for (you’ll hear about that in upcoming my medical podcast, Death and the Doctor).

I’m so excited to finally share this with you as we get closer.

We have a four year fundraising plan. During these next four years, I’m investing and saving into the PP medical fund out of my own earnings as a military physician, and trying to diversify income sources with all my books and other financial endeavors. PP helps by keeping an account open where you can donate to the fund, tax-free!

This will help pay for medicines, equipment, and training for local health education. We’ll keep costs low, since the first clinic is completely ambulatory; then we’ll establish an accessible clinic in the contested Campo. We ultimately want to reach the untouched peoples in the Amazon who have no medical access at all. It’s my goal always to respect Paraguayan and Guarani culture, which is why we’re moving so gradually. I’m there to learn and share Paraguay with you, too: together, we’ll discover the potential of many Paraguayan “juja” herbal remedies, and see if we can research and save them before they disappear.

If you do help out, I’ll keep you updated over the next four years on our progress, and you can join in my adventures. I’m hoping to also offer free telemedicine consults to you, once that’s legally feasible.

Thanks so much for joining me. Once more, here’s the link to give to the fund. Sign up here to stay updated on the project!

Thank-you thank-you thank-you, superhero squad!



The Project is a Reformed Christian organization supporting local Paraguayan churches in their projects for social good. I’m all about that. If you’re uncomfortable giving to a missionary organization that celebrates God’s love, you can designate in the Paypal that you only want your support to go to my medical fund. They will honor that request by contract. I would never ask you to support anything against your conscience.