Hey there! You’re at a live signing with me, aren’t you? And you’re using your phone to buy stuff? And get a custom micropoem?

Super-rad. Here’s what I’ve got for you to tap and get sent to your house:

Becoming Hero (In-Person EXCLUSIVE URL)

Superheroes: The Crossover Alliance Anthology

Bleed: The Horror Anthology Helping Kids with Cancer

Pantheon: Mnemosyne: Whipping the Dead

E-book only:

The Superhero Cookbook

The Guardian Anthology

The Little Book of Superhero Date Ideas

You can get ALL of these last three ebooks free, PLUS two e-book versions of Becoming Hero WITH and WITHOUT comics, by buying ANYTHING at my table! That’s $20-25 of book I’m just giving you. Whoa.

On the table, look around for free comic books, free audio mini-books, and a free children’s book download about dinosaurs! Ask me any questions you might have! Let’s have a good time!