About This Kerfuffle

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Hi! I’m Jen Finelli, and I’m a world-traveling, award-nominated author and screenwriter deeply in love. My science fiction funds real-life superhero activities through various charities and adventures in austere and under-privileged medicine. Because I’m a licensed physician, and doctors are weird, I try to write things that make people leak bodily fluids. Like tears of hope. Or “OMG-THAT-WAS-AWESOME-I-JUST-WET-MY-PANTS.” Or the inspired sweat of fighting for what matters.

Explosive things, kind superheroes, crude secret agents, sparkly fairies, biochemistry, guns, facts, and offensive gods show up in my pages, and sometimes that gets me published or gets me money or gets me in trouble. You can find my interactive resume (and awards) here, but if you want to get to know me a little, or tell me about the things YOU like, you should follow me on twitter. You’ll get a free short story if you do. You should DEFINITELY follow or subscribe to my writing blog for free fiction goodies, and to my e-mail list for a weekly short story. Sometimes I also share secret opportunities and codes I steal for you.

Let’s change the world together.


I am a kerfuffle, but my Father loves me anyway.