Media Appearances

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Media Mentions and Interviews: 

Zone 4 Comics Podcast (My Favorite Interview Ever)

Fictigristle: James Beamon on my book Becoming Hero

Why We Wrote The Crossover Alliance Superhero Stories

Follow Magazine: “Don’t Be Greedy”¬†Marketing Advice

FilmCarnage: How “I’m Having an Affair With My Wife!” Happened

Duhmericana: Feminism and Movies with Benzy, Wilx, and Samantha Old-fashioned Date Ideas We Should Bring Back

Medical News Today: Multiple Sclerosis

IMDB Listing

I was mentioned in Diabolical Plots’ “Best of Escapepod 2016”, too.


Wizard World Austin 2017 (Tentative)

The ARTS at Marks Garage, Oahu, Hawaii

Wizard World Austin 2016

Galaxy Comics, Ponce