Becoming Hero


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Skye is the storm-tossed comic character out for revenge on the author who murdered his family.

Jace is the math-loving #blerd trying to escape his father’s deadly legacy.

When their worlds collide, Jace must choose between the real world he’s always hated, and the comic book world he’s always loved–and Skye must decide if killing his author will save his world, or damn his soul.

Pre-order the book now, with, or without comics. The text-only version is a little grittier, with more dark background details, while the with-comics version has more Easter Eggs. Click the blue text!

Also, inside every book is a chance to win $100.


If you want free stuff, check out the webcomic, where you’ll set the background for the 2017 novel as you follow Asian-American superhero Skye and his team of Guardians through the whacky tales that make us love comics and the ugly tropes that make us hate them. Superhero diversity in its whack meta finest! All at

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